event power

We have many years experience in supplying power for events from concerts and festivals to sporting events, food festivals and corporate events.

We can provide:

  • Power generation and Stage power and distribution
  • Site lighting, Emergency Exit lighting and safety lighting systems
  • Festoon & camp site lighting
  • Pre production power for site offices, rigging and marquee construction
  • Working lights
  • Temporary structure heating

We have the ability to fully design power infrastructure from small one day events to large international events running over several weeks. All designs are supported with full drawings and calculations if required.

We offer Generator packages from a pair of synchronised Generators up to 16 individual Generators synchronised together to ensure constant supply of power.

We are experienced in supplying power in difficult locations from within basements car parks to building roofs to generators located in public streets, we can supply and set up generators located outside of an event area and install long cabling solutions.

Large format cabling distribution systems starting from the source of power right down 13amp sockets for laptops and phone chargers.

We don’t just work with generators, if your event requires UPS power back up to ensure no loss of supply for critical events like TV broadcasting or Live recordings we can offer the solution.

We can also offer a cable & distribution package solution utilising existing power infrastructure.


To discuss your power requirements or for a free quotation, either complete the contact form or call us on 0333 305 5144